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Great post!
I just want to point out that the design IS a part of the usability. If not readable you cannot find out the great functions inside the Intranet.

One example - look at the contrast at this site. I can hardly read the light blue links on top of the grey background. I do not have any problems with my eyes except for the fact that I am 40+ ;-)

Design is not just only about beauty - it is about function too. But I agree that very often too much time is pent on the colour, typefaces and boxes.


I do agree with whats being said but also feel that design is necessary for that "first impression." Tis what we use to capture the attention. But of course, what happens after is just as important.

As BBA mentioned, design is also part of usability. I'm not saying we should be worrying about what font size to use (overly much) but ensuring things are readable, accessible and provide information appropriately are a definite must.

Toby Ward

Don't get me wrong, I do think design is important, it's just not as important as IBF of Jakob Nielsen would have you believe. The value of the intranet's design is about 12.5% of the total value of the intranet -- not insignificant, but far less important than content, tools, governance, planning, etc.

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