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Geoff Garcia

Fantastic post - I couldn't agree more.

Chris Bird

As you say, it depends on the news. It also depends on your role. I find news about the industry as a whole incredibly valuable. But a major part of my job is to understand the industry.
Actually, I think we could all do with a dose of connection to our industries and our comapny's place in them.

Andrew Wright

There is a great discussion going on about this topc of the Worldwide Intranet Challenge LinkedIn Group (you will need to be a member of this group to see the discussion).


This is a great post and right on the money! News, like any other content on your site needs to relevant to your users for them to find it valuable. Finding out what type of news is most popular in your organization is a a good step towards making sure that the news items are of value.

Peter Richards

The discussion about what goes on your Intranet front page and if news will be included has been happening for some time now and I think that advise given in this posting is spot on. The point that i would like to stress is that every organisation is different. There is no rule of thumb that will perfectly suit every single Intranet out there. It is part of your role as an Intranet Manager to discover and understand the needs of your organisation and its employees. once you have done that then you can better judge what kind of content is valuable and the most appropriate way to deliver it.

Big thanks to Intranet Professor for including the link to my post also.

Brian Lamb

Nice post, expert summarising of all the issues and perspectives.

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